domingo, 17 de marzo de 2019


Weltklang was the first electronic project of the communist Germany (DDR) and was formed in Schwerin in 1980. Current members are Thomas Voburka and René Steuns. Thomas Voburka is also the founder of the Berlin based electronic music label Exil-System, one of the first DIY-Labels of NDW, also known as Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave). Inspired by the fast rise of NWD and by the Punk subculture's DIY attitude Weltklang's main principle was to remove all dispensable ornamentation and polish from their music, and to use the simplest and most minimalist structures. Weltklang is particularly noted for the innovatively sparse and yet classic Minimal wave track "VEB Heimat", which was originally released in 1980. Not hugely successful at first, the unique and futuristic sound of Weltklang managed to equal an international cult status over the following years, particularly within the Minimal wave and Electro music scene. [SOURCE: LAST.FM

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