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Ultratruita was a group of dark pop formed at the end of 1980 with members coming from Basura and La Truita Perfecta, and contemporary of the "Movida Madrileña". Their style, self-defined as psycho-pop, is characterized by rhythms cut to Talking Heads, new-wavish metals, use of violin and unusual lyrics. Their most stable members in its first stage were Boris Porter, Joan Garcia -Panotxa-, Jeannette Porter, Mikel and Gat. In a second stage Susana and Rafa Prieto establish as stable members. In their third stage Susana left the band entering Carlos as keyboardist. This formation remains stable until their dissolution. The demo "Herman Brut" (1980) was one of the most voted by the listeners of Radio 3. Between 1981 and 1982 they played in venues such Metro, Magic or Zeleste, and in music competitions such Don Domingo in Radio 3 and the Benidorm Festival. 

Without support of critics or the record industry, Panotxa and Víctor Nubla created their own record label, Ddomèstic Records. Thus, in July 1982, accompanied by the musicians of Ultratruita, the single 'Sola / Cine de Barrio' (Ddomèstic, 1982) of Maria Lanuit is released, being one of the first works of the Catalan indie. In that same 1982 they enter the studio to record their first single 'Herman Brut / Ladrones de Pastillas' (Ddomèstic, 1982) that was the second reference of Ddomèstic. In early 1983 Gat and Jeannette left the band forming New Buildings. And in that same 1983, after a long parenthesis in Ddomèstic, came the second single 'Sangre y Arena / Frío' (Ddomèstic, 1983). During those years the shows continued. In December of 1984 they act in the TV show Estoc de Pop with the songs "Niños", "Este Pais" and "Conspiració", being 1985 year that put an end to the project, integrating Boris and Panotxa into El Hombre de Pekin. [SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA

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