sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

Toxin III

Hailing from Crowley, Louisiana, Toxin III named themselves after a strain of anthrax rumored to be used in the Iran-Iraq war, then used against Saddam's own citizens 10 years later. They opened for Black Flag in 1980 for their "Jealous Again" tour. Their only release was a 6 song 7" that had a picture of the Confederastika (a Swastika with stars on a Confederate Flag) that was conceived from a Time Magazine article claiming that the Confederate Flag was the new Swastika in America. The band was NOT by any means Antisemitic or racist. The EP was later re-released (with 5 additional studio outtakes) as a CD on Hyped2Death in 2003, an LP with a few added tracks on Rave-Up Records in 2004 and most recently on Burka For Everybody Records in November 2009. [SOURCE: LAST.FM

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